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Are you considering a vacation to Rocky Point, Mexico?

Have you ever been here before?  Do you come all the time?  We have all the information to make your vacation a memorable time.  Rocky Point (a.k.a. Puerto Penasco) Mexico is a short distance from the U.S. and even shorter distance to the warm, tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortez.  Rocky Point, Mexico and the State of Sonora, have much to offer to the American tourist.  English is spoken freely and there is a large community of "Gringo's" living here.  Traveling in Mexico and enjoying these beaches make for a wonderful weekend, or week get-away.  Come join us in sunny Mexico!

Why would You use the Rocky Point

Welcome to Rocky Point Review.  We are here to introduce you to the comprehensive "Rocky Point, Mexico" experience.  This includes everything for your vacation including; lodging, restaurants, special events, bar & nightclubs and water sporting activities.  To those of you that need more, we are attempting to list the "Complete Business Community".  It is our goal to have EVERY business in this town and their services in our directory.   American's tend to have problems understanding Spanish as well as knowing the what, where and how's to navigate around Rocky Point.  Once a small fishing village, we have grown into the future "Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun or Mazatlan".  With Mexico building a coastal highway, new international airport as well as it's proximity to Phoenix & Tucson Arizona, make Rocky Point Mexico very attractive place to visit and invest. Just 3.5 hour trip from Phoenix brings you to the warm, gentle waters of the Sea of Cortez.  The Sunsets and tranquil atmosphere, will wash away all your troubles & tensions.  Come relax with us in Mexico.  

Your You-Tube video is in and waiting to be viewed?

You-Tube, the WORLD's largest online "Broadcast Yourself" video website has movies about Rocky Point.   So you ask yourself, "So what, What does this have to do with my vacation to Mexico?"  Well we have put together all the "good" videos regarding others like you & their holidays. In addition we have area business's and development's videos organized into a neat little directory.  Do you want to see a movie of the area, learn how to sail, tour the "beach zone" Sandy Beach or a videos of visitor's vacations.   Check out our You-Tube page for an expanded list of all the videos.  So if you are still unsure about the area and spending your vacation in Rocky Point,  check out our videos.  In return, we ask those who had a great time, we suggest that you create your own video. Record your experience and place it on You-Tube and we will publize your video to the rest of our "Rocky Point Community".  So you ask another question,  "How do I get on You-Tube?"  You create a video (do a good job),  become a member, and then publish your video.  See our You-Tube page for more details.   

Gringo's to the Top!

Yes, Gringo's rise to the top.  At the top of our page is our smaller "Tourist Directory",  while "American-Mexicans" can use our comprehensive menu to the left.  This comprehensive menu is broken into general catagories, then more detailed categories.  On each of these pages, there are more speciific categoreis ie.  Home Repair includes Plumbers, which in turn include plumbers, plumbing supplies....  Just in case you don't know what an "American-Mexican" is, it is those Americans whom have migrate south with the birds. So if your looking for information about Rocky Point lodging, hotels, restaurants and more, you are at the right place.

Do you want to Play?Is deep sea fishing in the sea of Cortez your thing or is it golfing?  The choice of activites here are endless; from diving & snorkeling,  to parasailing and  kite surfing, to name a few.  Our extreme tidal exchanges create wide open beaches for hours of making sand castles, playing bucci ball, exploring for sea shells, sun bathing or a stroll on the beach.  If these are not your "thing", maybe A.T.V. & jet skis rentalssailingkayaking and simply just relaxing by the pool enjoying a margarita are? Check us out to find your thing!

What kind of lodging, beach home rentals or condos are available?We also have all the hotels, budget motels, beach homes & condo rentals, RV parks and bed & breakfasts in the Rocky Point area listed.  Our site includes all the lodging rental companies and information that you'll need to find a place for your next Mexican beach vacation.   Whether it's a condo on Sandy Beach or a home, sleeping 20, in Las Conchas, you can find it. We have online reservation services too or you can simply contact the Hotels/motels directly.

Do you need a passport to return to the U.S.?
With our ever changing status on border security, what is needed in order to get back into the United States?  The decision regarding these rules & requirements, as well as other related topics are discussed on our "Crossing the Border" page.  So what is needed upon entering Mexico?   What paperwork, Mexican car insurance, identification do we need?  What can we import and are there any import taxes?  These question are explored for your benefit.  Check it out!

Passport requirement & the border Mexican auto insurance

Seaside lodging reservation service Rocky Point hotel, motel & condo Reservations

Do you know where to eat while in Rocky Point?We have over 150 restaurants and 20 plus taco stands listed.  Don't know what kind of food you want, Let alone, what is available?  Our restaurant guide is broken down by alphabetical names by food categoriesrestaurants by location,  international menusall you can eat, or taco stands.
  Rocky Point has restaurants with incredible views, Cuban dinner/dance troops, athentic Mexican architecture or a roadside taco stand. If fish or shrimp floats your boat, we have lots of restaurants serving these dishes in a variety of ways.

What do you do in the event of a medical emergency?So, in case you have an medical emergency, where do you go to get care?   Are you looking for some dental work?  We have information on doctorsdentists,  optometrist & hearing specialistschiropractorsclinics & hospitals,  pharmaciesvets & pet supplies and much more.  Be knowledgable about your choices before you go on your vacation, not when you need the help. The more you know, the better your decisions will always be.

Rocky Point medical services San Jose medical clinic
Sandy Beach restaurant - Coobah

Are you interested in owning a home?We have all the Rocky Point real estate sales companies listed as well as several of the top agents in the industry & their listings.  Are you interested in buying into a house with others to share the expenses and time? check our fractional shared ownership page.  In addition, we have information on Commercial investment real estate,   a  Buyers/Sellers guide to buying real estate in Mexico and Notario Publicos' and related services.  So check out our information, before you make any decisions.  

What night life does Rocky Point have?
Do you want to party the night thru, watch an NBA, NFL or baseball game, play dart or pool, listen to live music or just enjoy a margarita, shrimp cocktail & the sunset?  You can find that and more, all listed in our bar & night club section.

Puerto Penasco sports bar - Bryans
Rocky Point real estate company - Realty Executives Puerto Penasco real estate services - Coldwell Banker

Are there any concerts or golf tournaments?
Would you like to participate in one of the charity golf tournaments, attend a local concert or watch a sandrail drag race. Are you interested when the Roger Clyne Concert or the Rocky Point Rally is? If you have a special event, we will promote your event.  We want to be of assistance in making these events well attended. Check in our special events page or you can request our monthly newsletter.

Golfing in Rocky Point - Las Palomas

Have you thought about a Mexican wedding?Have that special moment on the beach?   We have the wedding planners, florist, lodging and indoor/outdoor facilites.  Do you know the requirements of get married in Mexico?  What does it take to make it legal in the U.S.?  Maybe your not getting married, but you want a party catered, who has the chairs & tables for rent?  Check our Wedding & Special Occasions page for these and more question about a beach wedding.

Beach weddings in Mexico Si I do weddings in Puerto Penasco

Do you want to go on a cruise?
Rocky point has sunset, dinner, pirate, wildlife & fishing crusies available.  Plan your next party aboard a pirate ship. The sea of Cortez is abundant with wildlife, including a half day cruise to "Bird Island" to snorkel amongst 1,000's of sea lions. In add iton we have several of Nature eco tours, mountain bike riding and bird watching tours. Check out our cruises diving & snorkeling, kayaking or Eco-Tours pages for more information.

Sunset cruises on the Pirate ship Diving in the sea of Cortez

Do you want to pamper yourself?Do you want a massage, pedicure or manicure. We can link you up with the pleasures of a queen. Spend the day at the spa and dine by the evening and you will fell like that queen. You deserve it, so why not just do it!

Rocky Point health spa - La Spa Penasco Puerto Penasco hair salon - Glorias
Mexican plumbing supply company Window treatments - Tucson Rolling Shutters

Need a Plumber?Do you have a pipe leaking? So you own a house and don't know who to call?  Our home repair page is by far the most comprehensive home services web site about Rocky Point.  We have a/c service, carpenters, cleaning services, electrican, window repair, landscapers, painters, plumbers and tile contractors.
Our complete list doesn't end there. Check it out if you have a home service need.

Are you looking for a swim suit?If you forgot yours at home,  what are you going to do?  We have the shoe stores, Baby cloths and the adult cloths stores, are all listed here.

Swim suits on the Sea of Cortez Mexican beach swim suits
Rocky Point copy center - Alphagraphics

Do you want to start a business?Starting and running business in a foreign country brings its own set of issues. If you need an attorney, accountant or a international business consultant, we have the directory of "whom to talk to".  Who you know can be just as important as what you know.  In addition, we have copier & printing , import/export, immigration & translation services available.  Check out our business section.

Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Playa del Carmen And Rocky Point? You ask yourself why is Rocky Point in that list. Well Mexican & American investors have plans/commiments of billions of dollars in development project projected in the future. With a new international airport being built, a coastal highway, under construction and many projects on the books, The state of Sonora has become the gold coast in Mexico.

Mayan Palace Mexico Resort Sites in Rocky Point Mexico
Lazy day dog at the beach Building Sand castles on the Beach, Mexico

Too Much for You?If all these activities are too much for you, then just sit back with a good book, walk on the beach or sip margaritas on the sun deck. The warm ocean waters will take all your cares away. Hop on the site & surf your way to a wonderful vacation.

Lodging in Mexico

Restaurants in Rocky Point
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