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JJ’s Cantina

58 Seaside Avenue,    
Puerto Peñasco,    Sonora     83550

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(638) 383-2785

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"If You haven't been to JJ's Cantina then you haven't been to Rocky Point"

Fishing Tournaments

Jet Ski & Sail Boat Races

One Club Golf Tournament

OTL softball Tournaments

Bath Tub Races

JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay, has for more than two decades, been the favorite meeting place for friends and families that visit Rocky Point. Besides being a local Cantina it is also one of the most famous Cantinas in all of Mexico. Many people come for the drinks but there is much, much more. The restaurants both inside and outside have great food with a Mexican and American mix of good things to eat. Hamburgers to Chimichangas are all at a very affordable price and the food is always excellent. Your bar for all events.

58 Seaside Avenue,    Puerto Peñasco,    Sonora     83550

JJ’s Cantina Google Map Picture of Business Location, Rocky Point Mexico
JJ’s Cantina Map Picture of Business Location, Rocky Point Mexico


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