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Business & Investment Consulting

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Kaizen Business Consulting Company Page, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Sonora, Mexico 83550
Monex Company Page, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Sonora, Mexico 83550
Montaña Verde Company Page, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Sonora, Mexico 83550
AEP Consulting Company Page, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), Sonora, Mexico 83550
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AEP Consulting

No Rocky Point Address,    Hillo

Ph:   (662) 215-5040

Alt Ph:   (800) 821-4048

Office Hours:   

CRC Business Consulting

Fremont Boulevard at Plaza Fremont,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 388-1020

Alt Ph:   (044) 638 106-0406 - cell

Office Hours:   

We offer a variety of business issues consulting. This services include: project & business development, business start up, U.S. & Mexican mortgages, document verification services, real estate consulting, closing services, representation for transactions with government agencies and FM3 processing services. If your doing business in Mexico, we can handle it.

Francisco Azcarate, PH.D.

Campeche Avenue & Mariano Matamoros,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 388-0603

Alt Ph:   (044) 638 105-0080 - cell

Office Hours:   

English speaking real estate attorney. Member of U.S. National Association of Realtors. Specializing in International Investment Legal Services


Guillermo Prieto 54-A,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 383-1010

Alt Ph:   (638) 383-1313

Office Hours:   

We can take care of your shipping needs (import/export). We also provide a wide range of administrative services, moving & delivery services and consulting services.

Lopez Caballero & Associates

Highway 8 in Plaza del Mar,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 388-0394

Alt Ph:   (638) 388-0395

Office Hours:   

Millán & Associates

English Speaking

Fremont Boulevard & Colima,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 383-1000

Alt Ph:   (602) 334-4362

Office Hours:   

Consulting Mexico: Helping Companies Do Business In Mexico. A team experienced in Mexican law, knowledgeable in government and politics in Mexico. We specialize in: large property development, litigation, corporate & real estate law & immigration.

Montaña Verde

English Speaking

3561 E. 42nd Stravenue,    Tucson

Ph:   (520) 750-8200

Alt Ph:  

Office Hours:   

Relax by knowing that your Investment is safe. Services include: Appraisals for acquisition, disposition, litigation, market & feasibility studies, competition analysis & absorption studies. Member of A.M.P.I.. Bruce Greenberg has written various articles regarding Mexico's economy, the real estate development industry & related subjects.

Pablo J. Davila & Associates

English Speaking

Fremont Boulevard & Chihuchua Avenue,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 383-3483

Alt Ph:   (480) 626-8892

Office Hours:   

Skills relating to Law in Mexico & the U.S. Studies of the International Forum relating to Foreign Investment, International Real Estate Transactions. Firsthand understanding of the Investment Law in Mexico, and particularly in the northern part of Sonora.; I have always been close to the development process of Puerto Penasco.

Ricardo Bours

English Speaking

5055 E. Broadway Boulevard C-214,    Tucson

Ph:   (638) 383-3880

Alt Ph:   (520) 514-0766 or (520) 882-5655

Office Hours:   

We help Americans do business in Mexico. We specialize in cross border litigation, real estate & investment transactions, business matters and much more. Licensed in Arizona & Mexico.

Valmor International Services

Fremont Boulevard at Plaza Alaina #5,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 383-3546

Alt Ph:   (602) 412-3598

Office Hours:   


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Fremont Blvd at Plaza del Sol,    Puerto Penasco

Ph:   (638) 388-5764

Alt Ph:   (638) 388-5765

Office Hours:   

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