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Newsletter January, 2008

Inaugural Edition: Back to the top

What can you expect from the "Rocky Point Review"?

We are a web site devoted to informing the public on a wonderful place to vacation & live. We will publish all activities and business in order to help the visitor/transplant benefit from all Rocky Point has to offer.

We will publish a monthly newsletter regarding what's happening in the area, real estate issues, legal issues, upcoming events, new businesses and featured businesses.

Person of the Month Back to the top

Meet the Mayor of Puerto Penasco - Heriberto Renterķa

Goals in Office:


Year 2007 Back to the top

What a new years bings to Puerto Penasco.

We .

Real Estate Back to the top

What does it cost to buy real estate in Puerto Penasco?

The prices of homes vary depending on those three famous words: Location, Location, Location.

                                        # of Listing   Low     High     Average

Beach front Home:

Beach Front Condo's:

Off Beach Homes:

Fractional Ownership Properties:

Beach front Lots:

Off Beach Lots:

In town Homes:

Commerical Space:


Legal Back to the top

Do we need passports to cross the border?

As of first of the year, all travelers leaving the U.S. were required to present a passport to
re-enter the contrU.S. However, drivers passing back & forth into Rocky Point, Mexico and other Mexican resorts
received a midnight reprieve. The news release about a Homeland Security Appropriations Bill passed as follows;

Nassau, Bahamas (AP)

"The changes - signed into law October 4 by President Bush, allows U.S. citizens to return from visits to
Canada and Mexico, or from cruises throughout the Caribbean, without a passport until June 1, 2009. But the law maintains that
air travelers to those areas must carry a passport starting Jan 8, 2007.

To find out how to get a passport visit the state department's travel web site or call the U.S. National Passport Information Center
at (877) 487-2778. Allow six weeks for processing. Fees for getting a new passport is $97, not including the cost of getting
passport photos. An adult passport is good for 10 years."

There are restriction upon entering into Mexico as well as returning back into the U.S. The restriction include food item, liquor and other catagories. See our section on Crossing the Border for details of these restrictions. So for now were o.k to come on down without many limitations. Bring the id, kids, wife and get ready for the latitude atitude change.

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What's new in Town?


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Meet the "Family in Need"




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