Rocky Point Review.

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Maricopa Road & SR238


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Office Hours:   

Is it O.K. to buy food in Rocky Point?

Yes, In the recent years, Rocky point's grocery stores have improved termendously.  The addition of several markets have added on termendous amount of products.  Rocky Point boast many meat markets as wells as vegatable and fruit stores.  You can buy just about any general item found in a U.S. grocery store.

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Do they accept credit cards/debit cards?

At this time, we are aware of only Super Ley accepting credit cards.  We have purchased items and have them hit our account several days later (this may have changed).  I believe hat the purchase is in peso then converted to dollars.  We also believe that there is a transaction fee. Most of all the other Grocery stores, meat markets & vegetable stands all work on a cash basis.

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What kind of products can we expect in these stores?

Rocky Point has many grocery stores, however it is the sizes of the stores that many times limit their product selection.  You can get the basic staples at many of the stores, but many of the products cater to the Mexican diet & food.  We have not found a problem finding many of the general items.  However, if you have a receipe that requires an unusual item, we recommend bring it from the U.S.

 During many times of the year, we receive much of our produce from Mexico & many of the big companies (ie. Del Monte) have products on the grocery store shelves.  So we suggest that you enjoy the total experience & shop in town.

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